Kabola Winery


Web: www.kabola.hr
Contact: Ana Markezic & Patricija Markezic
E-mail: info@kabola.hr
Phone: 00 385 98 926 7784

Kabola is a family-owned, medium-sized boutique winery, based in Istria, close to Buje. It was the first modern winery in the region in 2004 and today owns 20 hectares. The story of winegrowing in the Markežić family dates all the way back to 1891, when it laid the first cornerstone with Momjanski Muskat. Today the main grapes grown are indigenous: Malvazija Istarska, Teran and Momjanski Muskat. Kabola has been certified organic since 2009 and is also the first Croatian producer of amphora wines. Marino Markežić believes that use of clay amphorae in the winemaking process has made it possible to raise the quality of the maceration itself and help to give local wine grapes well deserved world recognition.