Villa Melnik


distributor/importer: Humble Grape
Contact name: Nico Trevisan 
Phone: 0044 749 597 8399

Villa Melnik is a family-owned producer of innovative wines from indigenous and international grapes, with a distinct Melnik character. We own 30 hectares of vineyards near the town of Melnik in the sunny Struma valley region in Bulgaria’s Thracian Lowlands PGI, and a modern winery, which is open to visitors every day. Villa Melnik was founded by Nikola and Lyubka Zikatanovi, and continued by their children, Militza and Alex, building on a family tradition that began 200 years ago. At Villa Melnik, we believe in the potential of the local grape varieties. We create brave blends between rare Bulgarian grapes and international grapes, and innovate continuously. We look for a true expression of the Melnik terroir in each of our wines.