Fine Wines Association


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Contact name: Eva Barta (Vida) / Zsombor Gál (Homola)
Phone: Eva (Vida): 36 20 988 6161
Zsombor (Homola): 36 20 410 7427

The members of the Fine Wines Association (FWA) are leading wineries in their local communities and present 5 of Hungary’s wine regions. Two members will be at the CEE Wine Fair:

Vida Péter, Szekszárd: Peter Vida has been a pioneer in redefining this historic wine region over the past 30 years, for which he has been awarded the title of ‘Winemaker of the Year’ in Hungary. His wines are elegant and joyful, from the valleys of Szekszárd and based on local varieties and blends such as Kadarka, Kékfrankos and Bikavér.

Homola Paloznak, Lake Balaton: a winery that focuses on local varieties of the region, with vineyards on Permian red sandstone on the northern shore of lake Balaton. Homola is in conversion to organic viticulture and the wines are made with minimal intervention, fermented spontaneously, unfiltered, and unfined.